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Course: Home Elderly Care

General Training  for signing in the forming program: minimum Primary School Graduation
Specific abilities and Capabilities: communication abilities
Medical Viewpoint: medical opinion from the occupational physician

Objectives regarding occupational skills

1. Communication in the workplace
2. Application NPM and PSI
3. To ensure sanitary conditions
4. Providing professional development
5. Filling the care form of the assisted person
6. Management of Inputs
7. Plan your daily activities
8. Accord Hygienic Care for the person assisted
9. Providing First Aid help for the assisted person
10. Ensuring comfort to the assisted person
11. Assisting nutrition and food management
12. Provide mobilization and transport to the assisted person
13. Provide mobilization and transport to immobilized assisted persons
14. Respect and application of medical prescriptions
15. Monitor the health of the assisted person

Training duration: 360 h

120 h for theory training

240 h for practical training

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