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Why us ?

Because we offer you full solutions, which provide you maximum benefits.
Because we pay attention to all the details when it comes to our client's needs and doubts.
Because we have a specialized team which establishes a high standards recruitment process.
Our team will advise you in choosing the best working places, such that you will immediately notice positive results.
We support your relationship with our partners during the whole contract.
We are always there when you need us. We have a balanced main office, a 24hours reachable address and various phone numbers where you contact us whenever you need any information or you have a complain

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Domains Recruitment

We recruit for the employers from numerous active sectors, which offer jobs for qualified and unqualified staff.
In order to facilitate the recruitment process, our consultants are organized in specific sections such as:
Elderly care
Metal industry
Forestry and Agriculture
Metallic structures and civil
Constructii metalice si civile
We recruit personal staff for: Elderly care Austria, Old maid Austria, Elderly carer Austria, 24h Home care, Medical Nurses.

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oferta locuri de munca

Professional Services

Connect Job is bringing recruiting plans and ambitions on the recruiting market through qualified personal staff in order to obtain the best results, also having success in finding the perfect employee for your company.

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We offer ingenious solutions in recruting for various sectors in Europe, we do things slightly different, but we do it right.
Our aim is to support every employer from different domains, by offering solutions for development and efficiency of the staff, also having in mind both employers and employees interests.
the recruiting process will continue for the whole contract.
100% client's satisfaction and confidentiality
24/7 Costumer Support

The chance to choose the perfect candidates for our data base.