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Every jobs are guaranteed under a contract or a negotiation regarding  salary, working times and days off.
Each applicant will be advised and will have confidentiality from one Connect Job operator. The operator takes care of the applicant account for obtaining a job.

Elderly care in Austria

Elderly care Austria, qualified and unqualified persons in healthcare for the next available posts:
Elderly care and Nurses which can take home care of elderly persons.
Direct connection with clients, a friendly aproach combined with communications and German communicating skills will represent a big advantage for your career and for your savings.
Elderly care Austria posts are recommended for experienced persons in working with adult, elderly or handicapped people.
You need to have a positive, responsible  and friendly attitude in order to operate your work, only this way you will succeed to help the persons of which you are taking care and support.
Assisting and helping in eating, walking and cloth changing.
Room and wardrobe cleaning and also sheets changing.
Helping the handicapped persons eat and follow every personal diet.

Necessary documents

ID copy
Birth certificate copy + German authorized translation
Marriage certificate copy + German authorized translation
Criminal record + German authorized translation
Positive and healthy medical certificate, which proves you are able to work + German authorized translation
Proof that you are not restricted to travel in Schengen
If the candidate has gewerbe in Austria, then he/she might need a copy of it + E-card copy
Every document can be taken in Romanian language and then a Connect Job operator will translate them.
For more infomations regarding elderly care in Austria you can contact as via tel.:
fix/fax: +40355401010

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