" Choose with determination, rely on us ! "

Why us?

Because we pay attention to all the details when it comes to our client's needs and doubts.
Because we have a specialized team which establishes a high standards  recruitment process.
Our team will advise you in choosing  the best working places, such that you will immediately notice positive results.
We support your relationship with our partners during the whole contract.
We are always there when you need us. We have a balanced main office, a 24hours reachable address and various phone numbers where you contact us whenever you need any information or you have a complain. .

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How do we

  • Your appeal

    All received CVs will be check by our Connect Job employers. You will be contacted for an interview if your application is or will meet our concerns. If this will not happen, we will keep in communicating with you for one year, aiming for new opportunities.

  • We will get to know you

    You will meet a Connect Job employee and have a discussion regarding your studies, experience, profile and your plans. It is an opportunity to offer you a presentation of your job that you applied for or you will fit in.

    If the interview goes well for both your side and ours, we will move on for the recruitment process.
    Decision making

  • Decision making

    The recruiting process continues...

    The Connect Job employee will present your CV and other details to our partner regarding your job, after a complete qualifications and experience analyze, our partner among the Connect Job employee will make the right decision as soon as possible.

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We recruit for the employers from numerous active sectors, which offer jobs for qualified and unqualified staff.

In order to facilitate the recruitment process, our consultants are organized in specific sections such as:

We recruit personal staff for:
Elderly care Austria, Old maid Austria, Elderly carer Austria, 24h Home care, Medical Nurses.

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Eldrly care
in Austria

We recruit personal staff for: Elderly care Austria, Old maid Austria, Elderly carer Austria, 24h Home care, Medical Nurses.

Recruiting details for Elderly care Austria

Why choose us ?


Are you experienced in elderly caring and are you a German speaker?
You will have place for a job guaranteed in 7 days for elderly care in Austria.


You will guaranteed have an interview for a job with a professional CV.


Whatever your job is, Connect  Job have the solution


Everybody have to think of want they want and also what they need and then proceed.

Our Team

Telefon: +40.726.722.444
Telefon: +40.726.722.444
Telefon: +40.726.722.444
Telefon: +40.726.722.444